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Posted on Friday, January 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Why don’t redbreasted woodpeckers have red breasts? Maybe they’re just too shy to show them? See what I mean.

I’m ashamed that I couldn’t name the nine most popular Web sites. I hadn’t even heard of Or it I had, I dismissed it because of their cashback offers.

I’m wondering about the things we become beholden to. This week for me it is the cats. I opened the front and side doors for them a half dozen times yesterday to prove that it was too cold to go outside. I yell at them and warn them about the windchill. I claim to have no control over the weather. Then I open the door. I started on the routine again today before breakfast. OK, I confess, I’m always beholden to my pets.
     For my mother its everyone who spends money on postage to send her something. She feels like she must read ever piece of mail that comes to her. It looks like she’s hoarding junk mail because she won’t just toss anything with printing on it. I confess to stealing her mail when I’m there. Just so she won’t have to read it all.

Did you know there are only 56 reasons to have sex? Number 23 won’t do it for me. And it’s harder if you’re gay or lesbian. And I’m not built for number 49. Or maybe I’m just too noisy. Either way it’s not going to happen.

  1. Actually, red-breasted woodpeckers do have a tiny spot of red on their breasts…but they definitely are too shy to show it. Good luck finding a picture of it…

  2. is not such a surprise. It is Microsoft. They are renaming/branding many of their web services under the “live” moniker.

  3. i missed and (although i did type in microsoft — so why didn’t that show up?), and i only typed live since i read this post.

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