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Silent Night

Posted on Thursday, January 1, 2009 in humor

“Silent Night! Holy Night!” with apologies to Joseph Mohr

Lyrics if written for a Web page:


The night was

  • silent,
  • holy,
  • calm, and
  • bright.

The virgin mother sleeps with her holy, tender and mild infant.

Lyrics if written for Twitter:

Xmas carol: Night = Silent + Holy,

Lyrics if written by an academic:

The Period Between Sunset and Sunrise Traditionally Associated with the Christian Holiday of Christmas: Reflections on Maternal and Infant Sleep Patterns

  1. K — This may sound insulting although my intention is just the opposite: this is really clever and funny. I really regret I didn’t know of this talent–it would have been put to use, definitely.

  2. This is excellent, Kristeen. How about “Silent Night” as math story problem?

  3. Feel free to contribute. I wanted HabMoo to do it as an Army regulation.

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