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My identity/personal brand

Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2009 in Me

I’m doing a search of “my personal brand” which is pretty much just my name. I’m a little disconcerted to find out what’s out there. I’ve googled myself over the years and am familiar with what I find. I look like I have an interest in the Internet, economics and herbs. That’s OK.

But I’ve just found a listing of my old addresses and phone numbers at Some even have a birth date. I’m pleased that I’ve frequently lied about this fact over the years. (But only online. If you ask me in person, I will tell you the truth.)

It also looks like Intelius has a really old email on record. It makes me wonder if I should be frequently changing the one I use. I looked up the name of an old friend I’d like to get in touch with again, and apparently Intelius could, for a fee, give me phone, address, average income, and value of her home. That’s creepy.

I began my search at It posts photos. One of them was of a man I know who lives in Pakistan. Another is of a professor at the U. These photos that are not me are from comments I left on a Ning site.

Another search site is It pulled up old meeting minutes. And a photo of some man I’ve never met. It also displays a tag cloud. These are my tags: Abuzzahab Archives Buckley Bunge Burks CEHD Christian College December Economics Education Francis George Great Human Development Interview James Tobin January Knowledge Center Magazine Marketing Maroon Minnesota Nobel Prize Robert Stigler TargetX University Winner Writing

I see that I still have a Friendster account. I didn’t set it up. Some woman in the Philippines did, but she used my yahoo email to do it. And every so often she gets back in somehow. I can tell because I start getting IMs and emails telling me “I love Asian women.” Also creepy. But I checked and Friendster still reports I’m old and married and in the U.S.

Apparently I set up two MySpace profiles. I’d never noticed. I don’t use either. I have a Spoke account I totally forgot about. Somehow it has me working in Duluth. But the photo is me. I think I’ll just delete it. I think LinkedIn has supplanted Spoke. But now I have to determine what email address I used when I signed up.

This is making me think more carefully about having multiple email accounts and signing up for things just to see how they work. I might have to create a personal “un-brand” for such purposes. That might be fun. Who shall I be? Maybe I’ll be that 98-year-old CEO who makes $25,000 a year that I sometimes pretend to me when completing surveys asking for personal information I see no reason for having to complete.

I find it funny that I was asked during an interview what social networks I belonged to. I have forgotten so many of these. I signed up for Jaiku over a year ago and it’s similar to Twitter. I never used it.

Hey I made! That’s kind of cool. The article is old, but it’s been cited twice.”Kristeen Bullwinkle (1998) suggested that more integration of textbook, Internet, and websites would enhance the learning of economics.” Who knew?

Check on who is using your preferred Internet username and curse away:

If you’re overly curious about yourself, take a look at and go to town.

  1. And now your blog entry pops up for anyone with a Google Alert set to CEHD. At least I’ll remember to check it now.

  2. That’s just too funny.

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