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Random thoughts III

Posted on Saturday, February 7, 2009 in humor

Favorite spam entries

swiss army bread bag
Now does’t this get your imagination going? All I can come up with to do with my bread bags is pack a lunch or dispose of cat litter. But those Swiss Army people probably have awesome cool ideas that I’m missing out on. I’m thinking there’s probably something for actually transporting bread, but maybe you can also put it over your head for night vision or use it as a floating row cover in your garden. I looked it up and there really is a Swiss Army bread bag and it’s pretty damn boring. All it has is adjustable straps. How disappointing.

john deer belly rings
This sounds like something my nephew would have wanted had he been a girl and grown up during the time of belly rings. I recall him telling me about school yard fights over John Deere versus International Harvester and Ford versus Chevy. How cool would you be if you had a John Deere tractor replica hanging out of your belly button? Or how desperately uncool would that be? You be the judge. See one for yourself.

The scoop on baby corn

I finally looked this up. It really is just baby corn. Seems like a huge waste. Sort of like eating green bell peppers instead of waiting until they’re red and much more tasty.

Never heard of the fig

mental_floss has a very enlightening article, Why Is The Middle Finger Offensive?

I’m still looking for a job – just not one of these

However, I am considering calling someone a gong farmer and maybe getting into a fight over it.

Again from mental_floss: 10 Jobs You Didn’t Hear About On Career Day

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