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Body accessories

Posted on Friday, April 24, 2009 in random science

I’m not writing about clothing or shoes. Sorry. But while looking up information about my husband’s Becker’s nevus (a patch of thicker-than-normal hair on his arm) I discovered that there’s a rare association of Becker’s nevus and accessory scrotum in the genital region. Yes, you read that correctly. Accessory scrotum. Conjures up images of a safe place to hide your spare car key, doesn’t it? I think it’s sort of comforting to know that this accessory is always found in the genital region and not hanging off one’s neck or elbow. Honest. You can read it for yourself at And just so you know, HabMoo doesn’t have this particular feature and has to find another way to carry his phone and keys while biking.

The standard definition of an accessory organ is any organ that assists with the functioning of some other organ. But apparently accessory in the context of other body parts just means additional or unnecessary. So what other body accessories could you possibly have, maybe without even knowing it? What might you want to show off at the next holiday party?

A quick search through leads to the following:

  • accessory tendon [in ankle]
  • accessory ribs
  • accessory lung bud (Probably not appropriate for your crystal bud vase.)
  • accessory lung lobe (For those who want a bit more bling than a bud, I guess.)
  • ostia (This just means opening or orifice. So if you’re always finding coffee stains where you don’t expect them, maybe you should check for an unnoticed ostia. But I only read about it showing up in the fallopian tubes.)
  • accessory urethra
  • residual accessory ovary (Residual, or left over, from what? I find this a little disturbing. God sometimes has extra inventory of ovaries and so throws one in as a bonus?)
  • accessory spleens (Perhaps a source of income on the black market for organs.)
  • accessory mammary tissue (Would this qualify you for a discount on your boob job?)
  • accessory thymus body along the line of embryonic descent (I read that up to 25 percent of us might have this. So if you know how to follow that line, you might want to check.)
  • accessory lateral collateral ligament (ALCL) [in elbow]

Just as an aside: You can get “Special body accessories” with the Sweet Escape Package at LE DAUPHIN HOTEL & SUITES. I don’t have any idea what they mean by this. I just thought you might want to know.

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