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Weird stuff I found online today

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2010 in humor

1. Facebook ad for Alzheimer’s Bathroom.
So it doesn’t let you forget to wipe?

Diagram of Alzheimer's toiletIts “The next evolution in personal hygiene.” That’s because it has an occupied seat sensor. I just assume if the bathroom door is closed, the seat might be in use. But since this thing has a heated seat, it needs to know when to turn on and off. The bidet cleansing options are numerous, including an interesting a suggestive “intensive impulse pulsation.” It has its own remote control. I’m not giving them a free link so if you’re interesting in evolving your toilet, go ahead and look it up: COCO Bidet.

2. Facial expression techno ballet
I think I’m glad I’m not Daito Manabe’s friend.

3. Brain sand
I thought the fact that I could get plaque in the brain was bad enough. Now I have to worry about going to the beach? Actually I’ve learned that I probably already have these deposits also known corpora arenacea. They are calcified structures in the pineal gland and other areas of the brain. Older organisms (like humans) have numerous corpora arenacea, whose function, if any, is unknown. Concentrations of “brain sand” increase with age, so the pineal gland becomes increasingly visible on X-rays over time, usually by the third or fourth decade.

4. Canada also has stupid criminals
Reuters – A “delightful” Bengal tiger named Jonas, and two camels named Todd and Sean, have gone missing in eastern Canada after thieves drove off with the truck and trailer in which they were traveling.

5. There’s a pill for everything
Afraid of social rejection? Just keep the pill ready.

“Over-the-counter headache pill paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen, reduces the pain of social rejection according to a new study just published in Psychological Science.” Source: Mind Hacks

6. Goats just may be smarter (or more interesting) than some humans

A guy made a video about how to turn a cigarette into a knife. For some reason he had a goat in the video that kept trying to eat his props. Go goat.

  1. Why am I not surprised that the face-dance thing was done by a Japanese guy?

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