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Cowboy boots: Why I need a dozen pair

Posted on Monday, July 12, 2010 in family, Me

My boot, my orchid, my catDaddy believed that those of us who inherited his flat feet would find greater support and comfort wearing boots. He was right. There used to be photos of him in shorts and cowboy boots. I think they are all missing now or have had his image inked out. I’m not sure which is more embarrassing, a father in black socks and sandals wearing shorts or a father in cowboy boots and shorts.

While camping I’ve given up on my hiking shoes and switched to cowboy boots. They aren’t great in the mud, but my feet feel better after an hour of hiking than they do in other footwear.

Plus boots are fashionable, right? When I was in third grade and girls were allowed to wear pants to school I asked the principal for permission to wear my boots to school. It was a pretty brave thing to do if I do say so myself. He granted permission and Theresa and I got to wear our boots. But I promised the principal that we wouldn’t wear them with skirts. Now I wear them with skirts all the time.

Maybe I’m not a cowboy’s wife with handmade boots and I’m not from Texas like the girls in the photo below, but I still deserve a few more pairs. It’s really my best avenue for self expression, I think. They are part of my history and are yet so classic.

boots as planters

I wish I had had a wedding with bridesmaids in boots. I had considered getting white ones for my wedding, but finally decided they didn’t go with the dress.

I’ve put an old pair to use as planters and I have a second pair ready for the same use next year. So it’s time to make the replacement. I mean I’m a responsible cowboy boot owner. I wear them for years and years and then recycle. I’m deserving.

What do you guys think? Which of these should I buy?

  • Old Gringo

  • Dan Post (on sale now!)

  • Dan Post 2

  • Lucchese 1

I bought my first paif of Lucchese boots this year and they have been the most comfortable I’ve ever owned.

  • Luchesse 2

I have a pair of turquoise lizard skinned boots. But my previous pair of lizards are now planters.

  • Lucchese 3

  • Lucches 4

I’ve never even seen a black and white pair before.

  • Lucches 5

I probably need a new red Western shirt to go with these.

  • Lucchese 6

  • Lucchese 7

  1. Xteen – I so miss your cowboy boots around the office. It’s just not the same.

    This is a tough choice, but I think I’m leaning to the black and white Lucchese 4 – or maybe the Lucchese 6…

    Be sure to update us on your choice!

  2. Lucchese 3, but i like them all- second best is 2, the same in blue. I actually like that best, but I’m a little conservative – hoping colors will work and all. Blue always works I think, specially with red curly hair. And I love the Dan Post 2. How fun is this? Did you decide yet?

  3. I decided on Lucchese 7. I kept watching Zappos, hoping they’d go on sale. For one week there were only two pairs left. Then Thursday there was only one. So I decided to wait one more day to see if they went on sale. They did not. The last pair in my size was sold. So I bought a half-priced pair of brown/black ones similar to Lucchese 1, but a richer brown.

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