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Spouse’s deployment: what to look forward to

Posted on Saturday, July 24, 2010 in Military Spouses

Whenever HabMoo has left for a deployment or months of training, I try to think of things to do I’d pass up if he was home. He’s only gone for three weeks for AT (annual training) but it’s not too early to plan for the year-long deployment next year.


Phantom BraveHe sort of monopolizes the gaming systems we have. That’s OK, since before I met him I was playing Sims with a dogged determination to play it until it became fun. Then he introduced me to some good games. Like Rock Band. I always think I’ll play Rock Band with my friends when he’s gone. I don’t know why I always forget that he takes that with him when he goes. So no Rock Band during his AT. But he’s probably leaving enough pieces behind next spring that I can play. Friends: Can you come up with an awesome band name for us?


Liver, beets, tuna fish, white sauces, here I come! If I think about it and don’t get into a rut of food we normally eat together.


Bette Davis will be playing next week. I’m thinking it’s time to watch all the Godfather movies again, too. And maybe catch up with those movies from the 40s and 70s I never saw. Maybe I’ll do a Robert Duvall festival.


M'amI’m not much of a shopper, unless I’m in a book store. But I do enjoy telling HabMoo that he should buy me something and then telling him what. So during his last training, I got the artwork pictured at right. It reminded me of the animated emoticon he’d frequently use when we IM’d during his last deployment. It was of a smiley face tipping it’s cowboy hat. Plus it just makes me smile.

I’ll have to give him a list of flowers I like and don’t like. He tends to confuse various types. I’m not a big fan of spending money on something like flowers which die and have to be thrown in the compost, but occasionally they are appropriate. Since my views on when to send flowers is rather capricious, I just tell him when. Some women get them every week or so during a deployment and that’s too much waste of money. I’d rather save up and get a pair of pink leather gloves.


During the last deployment I went to Argentina and that was a great distraction. I think next year I’ll visit a friend in Vancouver. Anyone want to invite me anyplace else? I’m always up for Yellowstone. I’d love to go to the Calgary Stampede.


Three cats isn’t too many is it? I’ll be very susceptible to mewling kittens in my sister’s barn. I’ll want to rescue one and bring it home. I am sure of this. I am sure that having a new kitten would fill some of my time. I’m sure that the currents boys will not be happy. I am sure that I’ll regret it at times. But I bet I bring one home anyway. Sorry, HabMoo. But it’s better than bringing home a new boyfriend.

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