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What I learned as a child that you probably didn’t

Posted on Sunday, September 4, 2011 in family, Me

From Daddy

Only Daddy can use the horse medicine
Sometimes Daddy would come in from the barn with purple splotches on his skin. I envied these, but was not allowed to use the horse antiseptic myself.

Sometimes teeth can be found in the barn

My father did not like to wear his teeth. But back in the days when he was trying to get used to them, he would take them out when his mouth got too sore and then he’d lose them. He found them in the barn more than once. And once he picked them off the bale of hay and put them back in when someone came by.

Falling Rock is a missing Indian boy

I loved hearing the story of why there are highway signs asking people to watch for Falling Rock. I hope he’s reunited with his mother someday soon and they move back to the mountains he loves so much.

From Mom

Bread and butter saves relationships

Whenever two people are walking and something comes between them like a post or a tree, you must say “bread and butter” or you will fight. I taught this to my great-nephews and great-niece this spring. I’ve got to do all I can to keep those relationship strong so they’ll visit me in the nursing home.

Friends, foes, money, beaus, travel

Look at your fingernails. If there’s a spot on your thumb then you have a new friend in your future. If you have one on your index finger, you’ll make (or have made) a new enemy. You get the idea. There’s nothing in my future.

From my sister

You can be identified by your bite marks

Yes, I frequently bit my sister when I was little. But she was a lot bigger than me and she would sometimes hit. You can also be identified by a handprint left on a thigh.

  1. I have nothing going on either (F,F,M,B,T), but I do remember that as a kid and I did have many of them then.
    I wish I would have heard Grandpa’s version of Falling Rock. Mom mentioned it as a kid, but it never really had a story involved.
    Also, I think you should have mentioned that your father was a little girl when he was a little boy. 🙂

    And if my kids don’t want to visit you in the nursing home, I’ll guilt them into it. But they will. 😉 Love ya,

  2. I think it only fair to say that you bit a lot more than I hit!
    And before your time PaPa had pig medicine that he’d use on you if you got hurt.
    And there were a couple of songs that I’ve never heard since I was little. Anyone else ever sing “Under the crust of the old apple pie”?

  3. Bev, I’ve found the song listed as “Neath the crust of the old apple pie.”

    Shannon, the longer version of Falling Rock is that his tribe was moved out of the area. He ran away to be near his beloved rocky cliffs. His mother convinced the highway department to put up the signs so she could find him.

    Thanks for offering to guilt your kids. Your guilt will probably be sufficient.

  4. I love this! I have learned a great deal I did not know. I can only hope that saying “bread and butter” from this day forward will make up for me not saying it in the past, and of course I didn’t step on any cracks in the sidewalk either!

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